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Professional Physiotherapy Services In Leitrim

At Miranda Moran Physio , all our treatments are one-to-one, ensuring that you receive the undivided attention of your allowing us to conduct a complete assessment of your  present condition and then spend ample time for treatment.

The initial consultation is mostly focused on taking your history, followed by diagnosis and then treatment plan. We are proud to own state-of-the-art equipment and also educate our patients to help them play an active role in their rehabilitation process.

When our health is going down our subconscious automatically sends us messages which we call symptoms. Common symptoms to know that you need to see a physio therapists range from physical pain to anxiety or stress. It’s important to know these symptoms and to be able to identify them so that we are able to help you restore your health. Physiotherapy is sought to remove blockages and restore optimal function of the nervous and muscular systems. Consistent sessions will help you get connected better with your inner physician to regulate your body functions so that you can enjoy a pain free, healthy life.

What Do We Offer? – Leitrim Physiotheraphy 


Physiotherapy is a source of effective pain relief and help regain your flexibility and active lifestyle. Our treatments include knee & back pain treatment, physiotherapy for Orthotic & Foot Pain, back and neck pain treatment and much more.

Sports Injuries

We manage all kinds of problems that occur due to sports injuries. These include, strains, dislocations, fractures, sprains etc. We are specialized in treating all forms of sports injuries. Miranda Moran is an accredited Sports Physiotherapist for Elite Athletes.


Neck & Back Pain

Our leitrim physiotherapy is renowned for treating neck pain and back pain through encouraging posture corrections along with the treatments.It will help alleviate back, neck and shoulder pain and strengthen the essential muscles with restoration of normal movement patterns.

Women’s Health Services

At our women’s health clinic we provide therapeutic treatment for all disorders affecting your pelvis. Our specialized physiotherapists for women leverage pelvic floor rehabilitation to fix all these women’s issue and can help you enjoy your life to the full!


Men Health Clinic Services

Here at Miranda Moran Men’s health clinic, we provide you with MH Physio, curing various problems related to pelvis, to improve your symptoms. If you experience a pelvic floor dysfunction, do not suffer in silence.

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Our Process

At Miranda Moran Leitrim Physiotherapy we are dedicated towards providing you with the best possible assistance and care for your pain or injury. Our highly trained of clinicians are always focused to perform a thorough assessment during your initial appointment.

The first step in our Leitrim physiotherapy procedure is that your therapist will discuss with you, your current symptoms and the causes due to which they have developed. It enables us to get a clear understanding of how your symptoms are affecting you and to determine the best treatment options for you.

Your therapist will next carry out a physical assessment to evaluate your flexibility and mobility. If necessary, they might also ask you to exhibit specific movements and positions. Specialist orthopedic and neurological tests may also be conducted in your physio sessions depending on the current problem.

Lastly all the relevant information will be gathered to diagnose your issue and the best treatment options for it.  We only start the therapy once you are totally comfortable and clear about your treatment process.  We encourage you to attain a greater understanding of your situation and confidence in what the next steps are in your recovery.

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