We Have Years Of Experience In Treating And Curing Back Pain Of Thousands Of People.


We are highly-trained experts with a firm track record in treating chronic body and back pains through physiotherapy.  Back pain can really be a nuisance and it is also very common to occur in majority people.  Lower back pain usually appears in the later stages of life around 35-40 years.

Back conditions can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months recover from.  In most cases surgery is the last resort and should be avoided if the pain can be treated and healed through physiotherapy.

Factors that cause Back Pain

  • Age – this is a usual cause for back pain as you get older around 35-40 years.
  • Lack of Physical Activity – Not being physically active and not using your back muscles enough can lead to back pain.
  • Carrying Excessive Weight – Lifting heavier weights than you actually should, causes a lot of strain on your back.
  • Disease – Diseases like cancer and arthritis can also lead to back pain
  • Not Lifting in the Right Way – wrong posture during lifting heavy weights can cause pressure on your back which results in back pain.
  • Psychological Factors –these include depression and anxiety which causes muscle tension and leads to back pain.
  • Smoking – the oxygen supply to your muscle greatly reduces which causes muscle pain.


Physiotherapy for Back Pain

The most effective and successful treatment for back pain is physiotherapy as medicines and pain killers only aid in symptomatically treating the pain. Our therapy for chronic back pain includes hot and cold compresses, electrical stimulation, referral for scans such as MRI, stretches, exercises and massage therapies.

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Our Approach

In the presence of our skilled therapist you will be put through a sequence of stretches and exercises to recover your flexibility and posture and increase strength in your back muscles. Physiotherapy deals with the core of the issue and aids recovery unlike the symptomatic treatment with medicines and will definitely prove to be a better long term alternative.


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