We Treat All Problems Related To Problems Relating To Pelvis Or Pelvic Floor Muscles.


What is Mens Health Physiotherapy?

Men’s Health (MH) Physiotherapy is a specialized area of Physiotherapy that is focused on pelvic health.  A MH Physiotherapist treats your muscle and bone system too, however has specialist training to treat muscle dysfunctions of the pelvic floor. For example:

  • Bladder dysfunction – this includes urinary incontinence (loss of urine), difficulty emptying your bladder, poor flow or urgency to empty your bladder.
  • Bowel dysfunction – this includes constipation or loss of bowel control.
  • Sexual dysfunction – this includes premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.
  • Pelvic pain – such as pain at the tip of the penis, testicular pain or pain above the pubic bone.
  • Pre/post surgery (TURP or Radical Prostatectomy).  

Pelvic floor dysfunction in men is quite common and can cause extreme distress for people. Our Men’s health Physiotherapist understands the sensitive nature of these conditions, and you will be treated with empathy and care.

Here at Miranda Moran Men’s health clinic, we provide you with MH Physio, working closely with GPs, urologists and pain specialists to improve your symptoms. If you experience a pelvic floor dysfunction, do not suffer in silence. 

Problems relating to pelvis or pelvic floor muscles could potentially occur at any age.  As we grow older the likelihood of pelvic problems increases. It is not necessarily associated with older and less active men. It can strike to even the most athletic person.  Athletes and sports men might also develop symptoms related to their pelvic floor resulting from their high level of activity. 


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Our Approach

At our men’s health clinic, we use subjective comprehensive examination where we encourage communication with the patient to discuss their problem in as much detail as possible. The history of your condition reveals much more (in many cases) than any test or examination in pelvic problems.  Thus this phase might take a little longer to ensure we get all the important information.  The next step is of the examination. It will include the lumbar spine, pelvis, hips and pelvic muscles. It can be external as well as internal examination. Once both phases of the examination are completed, we formulate an action plan with the patient to begin treatment. 


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