We Deliver Hands-on, One-on-one Therapy, To Athletes Of Every Discipline Overcome Weaknesses And Past Injuries.

Our Sports Physiotherapy Treatment

If you happen to get an injury, your physiotherapist will devise a customized rehabilitation program which will help you to recover faster. 

Sports physiotherapy refers to prevention and management of injury resulting from sport or exercise, including all ages and levels of ability. Sports & Exercise Physiotherapists recommend safe participation in sports and exercise, encouraging an active lifestyle to help individuals improve their quality of life. Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist can also help those involved in sport and recreational activity to enhance their performance.

Sports & Exercise Physiotherapists work within codes of professional and ethical practice and engage in ongoing continuing professional education.

Whether you’re a professional athlete, weekend warrior or simply enjoy active leisure pursuits, we ensure that you will receive treatment specifically tailored to your needs.

Your Physiotherapist creates a customized plan to guide you through your treatment, to enable you to get the most out of your care and return to doing what you love as quickly as possible.

Delivering hands-on, one-on-one consultation and therapy, we help athletes of every discipline overcome weaknesses and past injuries, allowing you to continue perform at your best.

Our physiotherapists see people from every walk of life & every sport. Whether you’re a cyclist, a ballet dancer, a swimmer or a weight lifter, we have the knowledge and the ability to provide targeted treatment that gets to the underlying cause of your ache, pain or niggle.

While all injuries and the rehabilitation that follows are of high importance to recovering, sports injuries require a certain level of finesse and detail that only dedicated professionals in the sector can provide. With the understanding that sports injuries of all levels can impact everyday life as well as in some cases a professional livelihood.

We take into account all factors when providing you with the best program for getting back on track while ensuring that you do so in a timely and proper manner.

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Our Approach

If you happen to get an injury, Miranda will devise a customized rehabilitation program which will help you to recover faster. Hence you get back to your sport in the best condition and often better than prior to your injury.

Our Sports Physiotherapy procedure is also preventative – visiting a sports physiotherapist enables you to perform your best and can prove to be the ideal way to enhance your performance. You don’t need to have an injury to see a sports physio!



Athletes who come to us are able to return back to their sports even more active than before

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