We Provide Children’s Physiotherapy Services For Early Years Developmental Issues

Kids Physiotherapy

Miranda Moran Physiotherapy offer physiotherapy services in Early Intervention Care (0-5 years old) for children with complex developmental needs. We help children meet their motor milestones and improve their strength, balance and coordination.
Treatment sessions take place in our custom-designed Sensory Motor Paediatric Room. We also use Irish Therapy Dog Teddy for children who respond well to animals.

Musculoskeletal Injuries and Conditions in Children and Adolescents are also treated including:
• Apophysitis
• Bow Legs
• Brachial Plexus Palsy
• Clumsy Child Syndrome
• Club Foot Foot Pain and Orthotic Insoles
• Flexibility and Strengthening Programs
• Growing Pains
• In-toeing and Out-toeing
• Leg Length Difference
• Osgood Schlatter’s Knee Pain
• Perthes Hip
• Plantar Fasciitis Heel Pain
• Plagiocephaly ‘Mishapen Head’
• Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
• Sever’s Disease Heel Pain
• Slipped Epiphysis
• Torticollis ‘Wry Neck’

Function Movement Screening, Gait Analysis & Run Re-Education

We can provide Video Analysis of Children’s Functional Movement Patterns to show parents visually were their children need to correct movements that maybe over loading their undeveloped joints and ligaments to prevent injury. Following on from this we teach them how to walk and run correctly

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Kids Physiotherapy

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Our Approach

We’re passionate to provide expert physio treatment for babies and children of all ages. Our professional approach reassures, motivates and builds confidence in your kids. All our clinicians are highly trained in pediatrics and have extensive experience working with kids to deliver expert treatment whilst making it fun for them as well as their parents!
Our Kid’s Physiotherapy program focuses on individualized, specialist paediatric physiotherapy without the hassle and stress of hospital visits and long waiting lists.

kids Physiotherapy

Kids Gallery

This is how we make exercise fun for Kids who come to us for Physio!

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