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Chronic Pain

Chronic or Recurrent Problems can be a result of Muscle Imbalance. This is where one muscle is stronger than its partner muscle leading to faulty movement patterns, joint instability and poor posture causing repetitive strain on certain parts of the body. It is usually caused by overusing one muscle as a result of a particular movement pattern used in their work or sporting activities. This can be addressed with Physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates which is specifically designed to improve Core Control and Muscle Imbalance. It is assessed on an Individual Basis and can be continued in a small Group Class for maintenance.

How To Manage Chronic Pain

Are you experiencing consistent pain that has limited your physical activities?  If that’s the case you’ve landed at the right page. Our therapists provide treatments that can give you tremendous relief, even if you have already gone for therapy before.

Pain doesn’t have a fix pattern. At times it goes away easily and sometimes it can last for days, weeks, or even months due to various reasons. However chronic pain is referred to the pain that lingers persistently for three months or more. Chronic pain is draining both physically and emotionally. At Miranda Moran Physio, we know your needs and have successfully treated many clients suffering from chronic pain.

How does the chronic pain develop?

Mostly cases of chronic pain rise from a neurophysiological source. These sources include chronic wound, sickness, anxiety and the feeling of depression which are entangled and linked to each other very closely. This causes your neurological system to be on highly vigilant. This pain can potentially develop as headaches, joint pain, nerve pain or back pain. It usually initiates due to any of the following causes:

  • Accidents: Whether it happens in automobile, office or even your home, accidents can definitely cause chronic pain. A statistical research of 2016 performed by OSHA, shows that out of every 100 employees, 2.9 employees experience an injury in their workplace. Moreover another study of the journal PAIN reveals that 21% of people who had a motorcycle accident undergo chronic pain in a span of a few weeks after their accident. This pain does not just disappear on its own. You are required to seek medical assistants from our health specialists at Miranda Moron.
  • Overusing injuries: this is usually very common and is likely to affect any part of your body that you tend to use more in your daily use. This can be any part, your back, legs, shoulders or arms. You will not even realize and continue with your daily routine however this pain can erupt without any signs or warnings. It is also caused by lifting heavy objects and wrong postures.This will result in chronic back pain. However physical therapy and proper guidance in your everyday life will help you ease the pain and avoid it in future.
  • Disease: Many diseases may cause chronic pain, these include fibromyalgia, arthritis, shingles , multiple sclerosis and neuropathy due to diabetes and etc. these all can lead to severe chronic pain however they are curable through physical therapy treatments.
  • Surgery: Surgeries, in some cases, are inevitable. They might be deemed essential in certain cases for assuaging acute conditions faced by you, later on after your surgical procedure you may experience severe pain. The procedure will help in fixing the structural problem but you will need physical therapy to compensate for the physical pain in the long run. This may even take days weeks or even months for the post–surgery pain to wear off without the correction of movement.Physical therapy guarantees ease in chronic body pain after surgery, speed up recovery time and also potentially reduce the risk

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Our Approach

Our most imperative goal of physical therapy is ease pain yet find the root cause of the pain to completely cure it rather than treating it only symptomatically.

Our therapists will aid you by pin-pointing your problem and treat fundamental structures in the area of pain. We conduct a physical evaluation of the weak areas of your body, concentrate on areas with less range of motion and also locate any imbalances in postures. All these measures help in identifying the obscure cause of your chronic body pain.

After the completion of the evaluation, our therapist will deduce a customized treatment plan for you according to your needs. This will include manual therapy with our experienced therapists which will help soothe your soft tissue and joint movement. Your treatment plan will contain in-clinic treatments, physical exercises accustomed to your needs and also an at-home program to make sure that you can manage your injuries and chronic pain in the long term. 


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