We Treat All Kinds Of Neck Pain With Our Tailored Plans.

What is Neck Pain?

Millions of people around the world are suffering from neck pain every single day. Neck pain can turn out to severely impact your daily routine and quality of life. It is an acute condition that is usually a result of injury or long-term strain.  

Neck pain is a result of either injury, muscle strains, cervical nerve compression, damaged joints or even certain diseases. Even some daily lifestyle activities or occupations can make you more vulnerable to neck pain. Its duration may vary depending upon your case and situation, lasting from a few days to a few weeks or even several months or longer if it’s a chronic pain.

Signs that You Should Get Treatment for Neck Pain

Are you experiencing neck pain lately? If that’s the case do not ignore it and go for treatment as soon as possible otherwise the situation might get worse.  If you have any of the following symptoms get in touch with our team and get instant treatment:

  • Pain in the neck that hinders you to perform daily errands
  • Reduced strength, numbness or tingling in your hands
  • A significant change in your bowel or bladder routines
  • Not being able to touch your chest with your chin due to low mobilization
  • Pain shooting from your arm or shoulder

Causes of Neck Pain

The root cause of the neck pain is not always apparent. However we have tried to list down the maximum possible causes of neck pain that are clients had:

  • Intense activity, wrong movement, heavy lifting in improper posture
  • Trauma, injury or fractures
  • Vertebrae degeneration due to either stress on ligaments and muscles holding the spine or the consequences of aging
  • A type of Infection
  • Abnormal cell growth, or tumours
  • Being Overweight, obesity increases pressure on and the discs
  • Lack of muscle toning
  • Muscle strain or spasm
  • Muscle tissue tears
  • Joint issues, namely arthritis
  • Smoking
  • Disc bulging or herniated disc
  • Abnormalities in the vertebrae since birth
  • Abdominal problems associated with the abdomen, for examples an aortic aneurysm




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